Welcome to the Northbrook Community Association

 Northbrook is a great place to live!  Our community consists of 199 homes (184 townhomes and 15 single family homes).  This website can be used by CLICKING the pages (above) or the buttons (below)

Thanks to Bill Benzing for accepting the open position on the board, and to Joyce Bufano who served for the last 3 years!  Please see 10/07/20 email (in the Archived Mails section on the right).


Soliciting in Bethel Twp requires a permit. If someoner comes to your door without one, please call 911 (see link to ordinance further below) 


The Bethel Police department maintains a list of local webcams.  If you would like to add yours, please contact bethel.police@betheltwp.net


If you receive a mailing/solicitation from a company, "Nextdoor", regarding a neighborhood app, please note it may not necessarily have been recommended by the person named.



Copies of Rules & Architectural Guidelines which govern the community

Plans, materials and colors must be approved by the Associationprior to commencement of exterior structural and landscaping changes.

Light fixtures and Index of original builder colors for repainting.

Copies of recent memos from the Association.

Financial statement and budgets are available here to any homeowner

by requesting the password from northbrookhoa@aol.com.

            Paying Your Dues

Per the annual homeowners' meeting held 09/26/2019 (see Archived Emails link on left), dues remain unchanged from last year as follows:


-Common Dues ($435 for all homeowners) payable Jan 1st.

-Limited Dues ($65/mo for town-homes) payable 1st of each month.


-Invoices are automatically emailed by Quickbooks.  If dues have been prepaid, no action is necessary.  


-Otherwise, please click the "Pay Now" link on the invoice to remit electronically.


-Alternatively you can send a check payable to Northbrook Community Association, c/o Cyron & Company, PO Box 470, West Grove PA 19390.  (Remittances payable to Cyron & Company or Cahill Community Management cannot be cashed so will be returned)

Selling or Refinancing?    

-For the required 5407 or PUD

 Statement, please send $250 to the address mentioned above and notify us at northbrookhoa@aol.com.

Here are links to community websites. . .

Bethel Township

Note that you can register on this site to directly receive alerts and notices.

Garnet Valley Public Schools

FACEBOOK LINKS (below).  You can join by contacting the administrators via Facebook.
NORTHBROOK PAGE provides a forum for sharing events, connecting neighbors, promoting activities and fostering involvement in our diverse community.  (This page is run by neighbors and is not directly affiliated with the Community Association).
GARNET VALLEY PAGE is a great source for local information & recommendations!


  Garnet Valley